Top 5 People You’ll Meet in the Office

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Either you’re a business owner or a regular employee working 8 hours a day, you will always encounter different types of people in the workplace you’ll either love or hate. Regardless of who they are as a person, you have no choice but to deal with them every day, or from Monday to Friday at least.

 Whether they’re the administrative assistant or messenger, here are the top 5 office personalities you’ll most likely find in every work environment.

1. The Typical Boss

Whether he’s the good guy or he’ll make your work life miserable, the boss will always make you feel why he is the BOSS. He emphasizes his achievements and experiences in the field that it’s no wonder, he’s in that position he feels he greatly deserves, and more. He’ll yell at you when you made a mistake and make sure that the whole office will hear it, or give you compliments for every right task made when the two of you are just alone.

Regardless of how your boss deals with you, the boss will always be the boss and you have no choice but to respect them no matter how much you hate them.

2. The Boss’ Favorite

In an office setting, bosses will always play favorites. It’s no wonder that there will always be this office mate who receives nothing but praises and compliments.

It can be annoying at times especially when you know that you did a better job than her but then again, she must have done something which your boss loves or she’s simply more likable than you.

3. The Know-it-All

This type of person can be found anywhere, even at the office. Know-it-alls can be useful especially when you don’t know how a particular task should be done.

They are even glad to assist you and provide you with step-by-step instruction, making them feel that they are more superior than you. But when you don’t need their help and they keep nosing around, that’s the time when you just want to shove them.

4. The “I Need Your Help” Worker

When there’s a know-it-all in the office, there’s the “I don’t know” employee who’ll always ask for help, claiming that she doesn’t know anything.

She may seem to be incompetent and innocent, hoping to steer away from work since you’ll eventually get annoyed by her incessant questions.

5. The Gossiper

Gossip-mongers will always be a staple part of every workplace. They know the latest when it comes to your boss’ love life and even the strategies the company is currently working on.

Be careful because you’ll never know that you are the latest topic of her gossip agenda.

It doesn’t really matter whether you’re one of these office personalities or you’re just a regular worker who wants to get the job done. The important thing is to focus at work and be able to produce the output needed by the company.

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