Top 5 Festivals to Visit in the World

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Festivals are very important in the world. These events are being celebrated in different parts of the world and a lot of people are taking part. Every place in all parts of the world is known for its own festival. This serves as a very distinctive part of the culture that is celebrated in honor of a certain person or event. If you are a person who loves to travel, you should not forget to participate in one of the most famous festivals that are being celebrated in the place where you are going. For you not to overlook the most important festivals, you have to check the different dates when these are being celebrated. You can schedule your visit to your chosen destination during that date when the festival is being celebrated. For you to have an idea about the best festivals that people from different parts of the world visit here is the list of the top 5 festivals that are being celebrated in distinctive countries:

1. Octoberfest in Munich, Germany

This is one of the festivals that are being imitated in different parts of the world. But for your information, this festival started in Munich, Germany. This is the original place where you will enjoy the original Octoberfest. Just like what you have expected, this is the festival that offers overflowing beer where people are expected to enjoy for two weeks. This begins on the last week of September and continues until the second week of October. During the celebration of this festival, you will find a huge embankment where you would find different tents with overflowing beer.

Aside from beer, I mean a lot of beer; you will also be enjoying good music. This will not only be a great way for you to enjoy but this is going to be so much fun when you are a beer-drinking. You will find different contests that feature beer-drinking activities so you will be sure that you can really enjoy your beer-drinking activity.

2. Burning Man in Nevada, USA

The burning man festival in Nevada is one of the most anticipated festivals in this part of the world. This is famous not only to ordinary people but also most importantly to the artists and the people who love music. This festival is being celebrated annually in the middle of the Nevada desert. This festival features an art exhibit and music appreciation that can only be enjoyed once a year. You do not really have to come to this festival with your own unique creation. All you need to do is to come and enjoy the music and the different artworks that are being presented by different people.

Aside from the art exhibits, there are also random events that pop up in the middle of the festival. One of the highlights of the event is the burning of an effigy, a large one, in the middle of the desert. This is something that cheers the whole crowd as it happens during the night when the people can easily enjoy the sight of the burning building size effigy.

3. Love Parade in Germany

The love parade has been one of those different festivals that are being imitated by different countries. This parade features millions of participants from different parts of the world. These millions of people who are coming together in order to celebrate this festival that is also one of the oldest in the world are expecting a great deal of joy and enjoyment for this event. In 1989, the Love Parade started in Germany. Every year, people come together in Berlin and in the Ruhr part of Germany.

The large number of people who are joining this event is one of the most epic parts of the event. There are many people who love music who are coming together to dance and enjoy in the middle of the venue. Basically, this festival is an event that is highly participated because it is very relaxing and it features high relaxation and the carefree living of the people from Europe.

4. Fringe Festival in Edinburgh, Scotland

The Fringe Festival is one of the most famous festivals because it features art exhibits and other events that feature different artworks in a small town. Edinburgh is the place where this festival started. There are different places where this festival is also being held and almost 200 shows are being featured in these different venues. Since we are talking about art at this type of festival, you will be expecting different activities such as dance, opera, musicals, and comedy shows.

This is featuring the efforts of different people who are highly artistic and gifted. With this, you should expect that the organizers of the event are going to ask for entrance fees. However, you should not worry about the admission fee because it comes at a very low price.

5. Carnivale in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Rio de Janeiro is not only known for its beauty but also because of this very famous festival that they celebrate. This event is all about music and dance. The main feature in this said event is the very colorful costumes and different ornate. You will surely enjoy this event with the different participants who are very active and vibrant. This festival has a theme that states about samba, samba, and samba. This is being held during the month of February and March annually. This is being held in order to commemorate the samba schools that are found in the city.

The dance party that this type of event features is more than just about dancing and being there are a participant. The people dance in a very energetic and very lively way. This makes this event one of the most lovely and vibrant. With the people who are very serious about their participation in the said event, you will definitely love to be in Brazil during the two months of the celebration of the Carnivale.

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