Top 5 Superpowers People Dream of Having

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We’ve seen a lot of science fiction or fantasy movies and shows that depict characters having supernatural powers. Whether they obtained them by birth or some crazed science experiment went wrong, everyone loves to have some superpowers. Superpowers can be defined as something that is emitted or created by the body that doesn’t apply to any kind of logic. They say that humans evolve or mutate to a point where they can use such powers. Then again these are just mere plot suggestions and theories but the superpowers are what really sparks interest. It would be cool to have your body covered in fire or have super strength and speed. Keep in mind that not all superpowers may be friendly or used for good. That’s basically the backbone of any great entertainment concept having two sides of superpowered people fight each other. Regular people also dream of having superpowers but not all of them can be very appealing or useful except for a selected few.

1. The Power to Fly

People have always loved to fly hence the creation of the aircraft back in the day. People would love to fly under their own whims so flying is a power a lot of people would want. Whether they’re actually flying, levitating, or just floating people will be content. Flying may sound to be something simple but it is one of the few things that people want to have. Just think of the possibility and the convenience of flying from one area to another.

You don’t have to worry about traffic. Just make sure to fly at a low altitude as not to get hit by any aircraft. The rain may also be a problem in case you want to fly to places. It’s also better to fly with your own body rather than growing wings to do so.

2. Laser Beams

We’re not talking about simple laser lights or the ones you use to flash at other people. These laser beams are the destructive kind that is usually used for futuristic guns. Granted that laser beams aren’t really for the sole intent of good but they can also be. Laser beam powers are cool to look at and if you’ve seen some form of media then you’ll know that lasers are somewhat abundant power. These beams aren’t just limited to being small lines but can be as big and wide as possible.

They say that the bigger the laser the more destructive the power it can have. It also gives people the excuse to say “pew pew pew” which is like a classic laser sound effect. They also dream of clashing against other laser power-wielding people much like laser battle tag.

3. Being Invisible

The power of invisibility has many uses both for professional and personal uses. If you’re like a secret agent, then being invisible is a perfect way to sneak in at enemy or suspect camps. Then you can simply record and get the evidence that you need. It sounds all good but people want invisibility for personal reasons. Speaking of spying, they can easily follow around their crush or love interest without getting caught.

Then of course people would also love to use invisibility for mischievous purposes such as playing pranks on other people or getting any possible information for personal interest. Just be aware that being invisible has its downside like avoid getting plastered with some things because you could easily be seen.

4. The Power to Control Time

The power to control time lets you stop time in a certain area around you. If you’re really skilled then you can stop time all over the world but that’s pushing it. Controlling time sounds cool as you can get to do stuff ahead or you can get to do more stuff as time stops for everyone else except you.

You can also control time to speed things up in case you’re caught up in a boring lecture. You can also slow time down if you’re crunched on a work report need done. Basically, time moves under your whim giving you the power to manipulate events. Take note that you can also use the time to go back to the past or see into the future.

5. Telekinesis

There’s nothing more powerful than the mind and telekinesis is an exceptional power because it has many uses. The first one is that it lets you move things under your thought. You can levitate things towards you, away from you, or just let them float randomly in the air. The second one is that telekinesis grants you telepathy which lets you read people’s minds without them knowing.

You can also talk to people through telepathy. Then the other sub-powers like being able to control the person’s actions through their mind or letting your own body levitate and fly. This is truly an amazing power but can be too tough to handle due to its complex nature.

Superpowers are like ways wherein people can express their desires to do certain things. They may not be real but just thinking of having a superpower gives a tickle to our imagination.

Superpowers can be real or fiction depending on how one views them to be. You don’t need to have supernatural abilities to succeed in life though as we are dependent on our own physical and mental capabilities. Superpowers do sound good and who knows maybe we will evolve to have them sometime in the future. The key here is responsibility whether or not to use them for good or bad.

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