Top 5 Pizza Toppings

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Pizza is definitely one of the most favorite food all over the world. It’s considered to have an assortment of ingredients suited for your watering taste buds. It does have traditional toppings like pizza sauce, cheese, meats, vegetables, and even an array of seafood.

Pizzas have evolved into something than just party or sharing food as the toppings get wilder and weirder. There are even pizzas that have toppings that you would normally see in dessert dishes. That being said, pizzas are generally flat round shaped dough dishes that have various toppings. The toppings may vary but it’s undeniable to remove some of these staple toppings. They aren’t really the obvious ones like cheeses and sauces.

1. Bacon

It’s undeniable that bacon goes well with a lot of dishes whether for wrapping other meat, mixing with pasta, or simply being a garnish. The bacon is one of the most common and if not most delicious meats to have on top of a pizza. The bacon can be either in strips, minced, or chopped.

It doesn’t matter what shape it’ll take because the taste is always there. There are also many kinds of bacon to choose from whether they’re smoked, cured, processed, or packed.

2. Ground Beef

Just to be clear it is ground beef and not pork or chicken. Pork and chicken taste good but ground beef is the ideal ground meat for pizzas. It has that dark color which somehow blends in with the color of freshly oven-baked pizza which also gives it a smoky flavor.

Ground beef can also be convenient to find and not to mention spreading it around a pizza gives it that plus factor.

3. Mushrooms

There are the standard mushroom toppings for pizzas which are also similar to the mushrooms found in soups or creamy sauces. There have been several pizzas topped with various mushrooms like the shitake or round cap mushrooms.

These mushrooms have made their way to the pizza world and are slowly making an impression. Granted that mushrooms lack that certain appealing power, they are delicious in their own way.

4. Bell Peppers

The color of the bell pepper doesn’t really matter as long as they’re fresh. Red or green bell peppers offer a certain crisp to a pizza dish.

There are some that aren’t attracted to it but despite bearing the name of pepper they aren’t all that spicy.

5. White Onions

White onions complement any type of pizza. It’s a perfect ingredient for the vegetable lovers and also a great compliment for any meat indulged pizza.

White onions can be used in different ways such as onion ring toppings which you get to eat single-handedly if you wanted to. They can also be crushed or minced and spread around the pizza to give it a distinct flavor.

Pizzas offer a variety of flavors to anyone that eats it. There may be some ingredients that are awkward to mix with it but the toppings will continue to evolve even if it’s in a weird way.

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