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Different strokes for different folks, so they say. Some of us are good at singing, some in dancing, some with drawing and for some, musical instruments best present what talent and skills they have with them.

Musical instruments take quite some time and lessons to fully grasp how it should be used or how it creates a beautiful sound. Some even take serious lessons to be able to learn them properly.

Now, here are the top five most common and most famous musical instruments.

1. The Beautiful Piano

The piano is not only one of the most common musical instruments we know, it is also the most highly sought of, demanded, and wanted by many to learn. It is because the piano creates the most beautiful sound there is and that when you know how to play one, you are already a very skilled and talented person for other people. The piano also adds beauty and elegance in you and therefore many women are very much into it as well.

It creates a sophisticated and angelic image that many girls want. The piano is very hard to learn but once you did, you wouldn’t stop playing it.

2The Acoustic Guitars

The guitar is a common musical instrument a lot of us choose to have and to learn. Why? It is because acoustic guitars are very easy to find and very easy to learn; you can learn it on your own if you really are interested in it.

It is less expensive compared to other musical instruments and could be easily brought anywhere unlike others; that’s why many are very much into it.

3. Drum Set

Now with drums, you cannot learn it if you don’t have it or if you are lacking one piece of it. Drum set needs to be complete to be able to learn it and understand it all. It is quite expensive but once you’ve learned how to play this instrument, you are a hit to many people or viewers.

Drummers are usually those who women are attracted easily to and which guys find as competition.

4. The Majestic Violin

Now violins, just like a piano, are a classical instrument that needs time and practice to be perfected. Although, this is a bit more complicated than the piano for you have to have the right posture to produce the right sound.

Many people find violinist as elegant and sophisticated as that of a pianist and that’s why many want to learn it as well.

5. The Beat Box

Beatbox is a small box that when hit by hands, would produce a sound. This is often used when singing songs that are acoustic for its sound could be perfectly heard. Beatbox, like guitars, is pretty easy to learn.

You just have to know beats and create one that would suit the song the vocalist or singer is singing and that’s it.

Musical instruments have been longed passed down from one generation to another; getting better and better as time passes by. Why not try learning one before its too late for you.

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