Top 5 Most Poisonous Animals

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Animals are an important part of our ecosystem and without them, the balance of nature will be tipped over. No matter how big or how small these animals are, they are playing a very important role. Some individuals are fond of taking care of pets which are exotic and uncommon instead of the usual cats and dogs. Some choose to have lizards while others prefer spiders, snakes, and other types of reptiles. The problem these days though is that people choose unusual pets just because it is the latest fad. There are a number of animals dwelling all over the world, in forests, lakes, seas, and oceans, and even in plain lands. Unless an individual spends time researching on them, one would not believe that a single drop of their deadly venom can end their lives in an instant. Look at this list of animals you should keep away from.

1. The King Cobra

Its scientific name Ophiophagus Hannah literally meant “snake-eater, the King Cobra is known to be the longest venomous snake in the world. It dwells in forests mostly in countries in Southeast Asia such as Indonesia and also in the Philippines. These snakes can either have an olive-green, black or tan skin color which has an almost yellow cross band going down its body. It has smooth scales especially in the belly which is usually colored cream. Normally, King Cobras are not really aggressive and it keeps away from confrontation as much as possible unless they do not have anywhere else to go.

The venom each bite contains is not really that deadly but each attack can have multiple bites which can cause fatalities. The usual diet of king cobras is other snakes such as small pythons and rat snakes and if they do not have any other choice, they feed on smaller vertebrates like rodents, lizards, and even birds.

2. Marbled Cone Snail

Nobody would think that this cone snail found in the Indian Ocean is venomous. One look at its 30 mm to 150 mm shell, no one would expect that it contains deadly venom that a single drop can kill as much as 20 humans. It normally dwells in warm saltwater and the normal purpose of its venom is for its prey. If a human victim gets stung by the snail, they will feel unbearable pain and experience numbness, tingling, and swelling.

There are recorded cases wherein the victim suffered from muscle paralysis breathing failure and vision damage. There isn’t much record of deaths though but there is also no anti-venom up to now.

3. Death Stalker Scorpion

Most people who fall victim to scorpions only suffer minor effects such as swelling, pain, or numbness. Not all scorpions are poisonous like most people think. However, there is the Death Stalker Scorpion which is very dangerous because of its venom.

It is considered to be a neurotoxin that causes the victim to suffer in intense pain then have a fever. The victim then falls into coma, paralysis, convulsion, and eventually death. These types of scorpions are normally found in North Africa and also in the Middle East.

4. The Brazilian Wandering Spider

This spider is recorded to be the most venomous spider which has caused the most number of human deaths. Typically found in the tropical place in South America, this kind of spider has 8 types of species. Wandering spiders are known for their wandering nature. Instead of creating webs for them to dwell, it wanders around the floor of the jungle during evenings. During the day, they take cover under rocks and logs or squeeze in banana plants. What makes them really dangerous to humans is because they prefer to stay in places that are dark and has moist.

Imminent pain is the very thing a victim would feel when they re bitten by this spider although there are also recorded situations wherein its venom causes hours of erection which can end to impotence.

5. Poison Dart Frog

These frogs are common in the Central or South American rain forest. Some people get attracted to their colorful features. There are varieties in the color of these poisonous frogs. It only measures 2 inches but its venom is enough to eliminate 10 humans.

It only takes 2 micrograms of toxin coming from this frog, similar to the size of a pin’s head that can kill a human or any huge animal. Their venom is kept in their skin and if someone touches them or eats them will become sick or can die.

Some people see the beauty in the unusual things and in this case, the animal being uncommon. A person should always be responsible for their choices in order to stay away from danger. In a house wherein there are children, it would be best if you stick with dogs and cats to avoid regrets in the end.

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