Top 5 Most Addictive Games on the Internet

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A greater number of people in the world are facing a computer or a mobile phone and accessing the internet. Aside from connecting with other people may it be their loved ones or friends halfway across the world, people access the World Wide Web to play games. In fact, most of these individuals go to the internet to play their favorite games. Some even spend money to play these games but still, the free ones are still the most accessed and played. Most of these games have upgrades that can only be played if they subscribe or purchase the paid version. The paid games are even more challenging and a lot more interesting. Net addicts spend a lot of time playing their favorite online games beating their previous high scores and those other people they play with. Individuals may be a lot busier these days but the internet has given them the chance to have fun during their free time. One disadvantage may be because these games are so addictive that it becomes difficult to let go of mobile devices or walk away from the computer and stop playing. People are becoming more adept in today’s technology and playing complicated games is their way to kill time and make themselves enjoy. Here are the top five most addicting games on the internet based on the responses of online gamers.

1. Monster Slayers

This is a strategy game that was first made popular in the Xbox game Castle Crashers. Compared to the other game, Monster Slayer is for individual players who want to slay monsters but using the ways of the earlier times. No guns or other kinds of killings with the use of bullets, explosives, or any kind of ammunition for this game. The player is given a chance to choose five warriors for his team and their battle ways totally depend on the player.

It is also a strategy game since you would need to make sure that each battle you face, your players’ capacity and fighting powers compliment each other in order to win. What makes it really addicting are the quests to acquire items to level up. Each time they go to battle, they gain more experience and tougher opponents will be faced on the next level. The game is absolutely interesting and not one level is similar to another.

2. The Last Stand

Almost all zombie apocalypse movies made it blockbuster and even TV shows that have the same theme are renewed season after season reason enough for gaming manufacturers to create their own version. The Last Stand is the perfect example of a successful zombie game. Players must defend their territory and make sure that the zombies do not cross the barricade set. The challenge in this game is the difficulty in targeting the opponent.  The player needs to be aligned with the zombie to eliminate it or else it is impossible to kill it. The barricades must also be repaired in order to stand the next attack and in order for it to be fixed.

Players can do repairs by using points they gather as they play each level or whenever they rescue survivors. The usual way to kill a zombie which is blasting their heads is done in this game the same way. So if you are into placing yourself in a situation similar to “The Walking Dead Series” then this addicting game is for you.

3. Line Rider

For newbies, one would think that this is one of the simplest games ever made since players are only going to create lines where the Line Rider” slides through. Everything starts with a sheet of paper that is blank where you get to create your design for the rider to use. What interests players and gets them addicted is the twist of the game. The challenge is to make a design where your rider can slide through smoothly or else he will be kicked out of the map you made for him. You need to create a trail for him to follow without throwing him off and breaking his neck and die.

Some critics may think that this game is only made for kids but if you visit “YouTube”, you will be able to find amazing designs uploaded by other gamers. Another challenge is to come up with your own design with exact calculations and estimates where your rider can succeed in sliding through despite the number of loops and hills you place in there.

4. Portal

This game has the same logic and rules as the popular game introduced and made famous by Valve only when it was created in a flash game, the company did not take part in it.

However, the fun part of the game was not lost in fact they even made it a lot more challenging and addicting for net users. This is absolutely one entertaining and challenging game as the player tries his best to succeed on each test.

 5. Angry Birds

Who wouldn’t know who these “Angry Birds” are? Since its initial release in 2009, the angry bird’s game has become a sensation all over the world. The manufacturer, Rovio, was successful in capturing the citizens of the Internet or the hearts of the so-called netizens by creating these hilarious birds launched in a slingshot, aiming to destroy their enemies, the pigs.

The game has everything to offer from visual entertainment, fun levels, and realistic sound effects. There are free game versions that are absolutely addicting but upgrades and special weapons are available on paid versions. There is no limit on who can play the game. Children who know how to operate a computer or a mobile device can easily launch the birds as they calculate the distance, making sure the pigs will be annihilated.

Even older gamers are engrossed in this game. What makes the game more fun are the sound effects coming from the characters. There are newer versions that came out which proves that this game is indeed the most addicting game on the internet.

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