Top 5 Common Diseases You Wouldn’t Want To Have

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It’s only natural for a person to get an illness. Keep in mind we are only humans and if we don’t take care of our bodies we tend to get sick. Then again sometimes there are factors to consider that cause a person to catch a certain illness. These factors could be due to weather changes, the surroundings, or getting caught through other people. There are severe and common illnesses and were not going to be talking about the severe ones. The common illnesses can be annoying once you have them but at least they can be cured. There are some common illnesses you wouldn’t want because they are just too annoying at any given time.

1. Loose Bowel Movement / Diarrhea

There’s nothing more annoying than the need to go to the toilet every moment. Then again it can be cured easily but what happens when it strikes you instantly and from out of nowhere. That can be really a pain in the butt literally.

It’s really a messy illness in every aspect and it forces you to stay at home unless you don’t mind doing your business in various places.

2. Cold

Cold is one of the most common illnesses and one of the most annoying. The cold has various phases and each one of them can be a pain. There’s the phase where you sneeze a lot then the phase where you have a runny nose.

Then the phase where you’re nose is clogged and then you get the other complementary illnesses like the headache, fever, and cough.

3. Fractured Bone

If you have fractured bones on your hands or feet then the tendency is that it’s going to have a cast. Having a fractured bone can be inconvenient enough but the cast also adds insult to injury.

Having a cast gives you a hard time doing things even the regular ones. It’s hard to take a bath with a cast on let alone do any other physical activities.

4. Tooth Ache

Having a toothache is painful enough but it can also hinder you from eating. Unlike canker sores wherein the pain can be bearable, a toothache is something that you can barely handle most of the time.

The pain is too much that you can be put to bed and even make you grovel. It’s also ideal for you to go to the dentist if the pain can’t be soothed by simple medicine alone.

5. Canker Sore

If you ever had that little white round spot inside your mouth then it can be really annoying. It’s painful when it gets touched and if it doesn’t get touched it’s also painful.

Canker sores are sometimes obtained through extensive heat from the surroundings. You can cure a canker sore but it’s going to be really painful.

Common diseases are easily obtained so they tend to be a nuisance. Just remember to manage your health so that you don’t end up experiencing any of them that will give you inconvenience.

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