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Sometimes in life, we get to a point wherein we feel so depressed, so down and so sad that we tend to lock ourselves up in our room or maybe cry and seek comfort from friends and family. But what could be more comforting than food?

Food is our source of energy, source of life. Now here are the top five most common comfort food people usually find when in a very depressive state.

1. Chocolates

Now chocolate is one of the most common comfort food in the whole wide world. It’s not only easy to find, but there are also many variations to choose from depending on your choice. Chocolate is also believed to be a good source of energy and that it could instantaneously make someone feel happy just by having one.

Surely, people, depressed or not, will continuously go looking for chocolate at some point in their life.

2. Ice Cream

Ice cream is very much loved and liked by many especially during summer or any hot season. That cold and flavorful comfort food is loved for its delicious flavors and the cold, refreshing feeling it gives its eater.

This is something you might want to comfort yourself with when you’re down or depressed because it will definitely give the aid that you need.

3. Cakes

Cakes are often bought when there is an occasion to celebrate with, but, take note; cakes are good anti-depressant comfort food too. Cakes could take you into a whole new level of happiness once you’ve taken a slice or a bite of its deliciousness.

Cakes have got a lot of different flavors to choose from and enjoy with; find that perfect taste for you and you’ll easily get over whatever you are going through.

4. Hamburger

Burgers are these delicious foods usually made of buns, patties, sauces, and maybe vegetables. People love them not only because they’re very flavorful, but because they are pretty much convenient to eat. You can have one anywhere at any time you wish for it. Also, there have been a lot of different versions of burgers out and dominating the market of eaters. The more quirky and weird the ingredients may sound, the more people are intrigued to try them.

This definitely is perfect comfort food for your non-sweetened taste buds.

5. Pizza

Pizzas are very healthy and tasty food made out of different, even rare flavors and this is why people love them. People just can’t get enough of these flavors and therefore they keep on coming back.

Now, this is the perfect comfort food for you if you prefer staying at home because you are just a phone call away from your delicious pizza.

Remember to watch your weight when eating these foods because they could really get into you. Just take it easy alright?   After all, comfort food doesn’t solve your problems; they just comfort you at that one moment.

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