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PHP, or PHP Hypertext Preprocessor, is a widely used scripting language. Many have favored this scripting language due to its non-complexity that even beginners can write a PHP script yet it is powerful enough to be used in the core of WordPress and Facebook, two of the most popular sites today.

But what exactly can PHP do? PHP allows people to customize their websites to exactly what they need and want. What makes PHP different from other scripting languages is that PHP is a server-executed language which means that it is run in the server which will translate it into HTML and sent it to the visitor as a webpage.

PHP also offers a wide variety of features that makes it easier for first-timers to write scripts. With this, programmers can lessen the time in creating a website.

There are many other benefits of using PHP so programmers have recognized the importance of this scripting language. Thus, there is a long list of PHP scripts available today and here are the top five common PHP scripts:

1. Social Networking Scripts

No one can deny the immense popularity of social networking sites and many developers have taken advantage of this fact. Social Networking sites can vary from social, dating, government, and even educational purposes. One newly released and unique social networking PHP script is SparkyPoems which allows the user to create his own website on famous poems in just a few moments.

Another great feature of SparkyPoems is that it produces SEO posts that help your website to be more visible in search engine sites.

2. Image and Media Scripts

Images and other forms of media are essential parts of a website. Sometimes, words are not enough to portray a certain item or images are not reliable enough for customers. They need to see what the items look like or how it moves with their own eyes so images and videos are needed on a website.

Due to the demand for these forms of media, many developers have created PHP scripts that allow users to upload and share their media on their websites easily.

One example of this is the Ninja Media Script which makes it easy for users to publish whatever forms of media they want to in their site. It also allows users to customize the site to suit their needs.

3. Project Management Tool Scripts

Due to the vast number of businesses and institutions nowadays, many developers have provided PHP scripts that will help these companies to manage all project-related things such as the list of projects being done, the description of each, and who are in charge of each activity.

One project management PHP-based application is ProjectPier which helps you in organizing activities and easy communication between members.

4. Forms Scripts

One of the best ways to understand your visitors is to get their reactions, questions, and opinions using contact forms. With this, your customers will be able to voice out their suggestions, ask their questions, and order your services.

With these forms, your clients will be able to voice out all of their thoughts to you.

Some PHP Scripts also create other kinds of forms such as survey forms and subscription forms. PHP Ajax Form is a form created by PHP scripts that allow users to have multiple kinds of forms from contact, feedback, newsletter, and other kinds.

5. Help and Support Tool Scripts

There is no website that does not have a Help and Support page thus the need for customized PHP scripts for this category. It is essential to have a page or function that will help your visitors understand your webpage, especially for complex and large websites.

One popular Help and Support Tool Script is the Hezecom Email Solution, or Hmail, which is webmail just like Yahoo and Gmail.

PHP has indeed proven its immense usability with the number of scripts programmed in this scripting language. In various online marketplaces, you will surely find PHP scripts being put up for sale since it is really advantageous for website owners to make the core of their website using this scripting language. In time and as technology is further developed, the popularity of PHP scripts will surely grow immensely.

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